Free Blogging Tools That Each Blogger Must Have

If you want to grow your blog, you will need blogging tools. It makes no difference if you are a newbie blogger or a professional.

Without tools it becomes hard to manage a blog, tools make things easier and saves you a lot of time.

Everything on your own cannot be managed as a blogger few things have to be automated. That is where blogging tools help you.

In the initial days of my blogging journey. I was not aware of any blogging tools, but after researching and experiencing I am providing here some of the best blogging tools for bloggers.

Now, I use a lot of tools on my own there are many tools available to do a single task so I have listed the best ones.

So if you are already blogging or want to start your blog you are at the right place. This article will guide you through some of the amazing blogging tools that every blogger must have.

Most of the tools mentioned here are free, affordable, or offers a free trial period.

Free Blogging Tools That Each Blogger Must Have.

Google Keyword Planner

This is Google’s free tool and helps you get the most out of your keywords.

Whether you’re looking for consumer specific keywords, long-tail keywords, or supporting keywords, this tool will do your job in seconds.

So if you want to do keyword research on your topic or niche then this is your tool.

The amazing thing about this tool is,

It can show you smart data, so let’s say if you want to research a specific keyword in the U.S.A. you can do it.

It also shows you the search volume list for all keywords. If you want to have direct search volume you must have an active campaign on Google Adwords.

And it’s completely free !!


If you make too many grammatical and spelling mistakes while writing your blog article Grammarly is your tool.

Grammarly is a tool that highlights any grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors in your text. Not only will it show you the bugs but it will fix it too.

You can use its free chrome extension and it will start rectifying in real-time.


Canva is an amazing tool that bloggers use to design social media images, pins, banners, ads, etc.

Even all the images you see on my blog are made using Canva only.

Canva has a free and premium variant, I personally use canva premium because it provides you with templates, elements, images, and many other cool features.

And as cheap as $ 9 a month, it’s worth investing in Canva.


If you want to be a successful blogger you must have an email list. Mailerlite makes all your email related activities much easier, using mailerlite you can easily set up email download forms and add them to your blog.

You can also create email series, landing pages, automated emails, and it’s 100% free if you have about 1000 email subscribers, and once you surpass this, you can choose to upgrade with them or move your list to other providers with more features.

I think this should be an email marketing tool for Beginners and Professionals.

Uber Suggest

I have already shared a key research tool at the beginning of this article but this tool has some advanced features.

With Uber Suggest, you can not only research your keywords but also make your competition analysis.

It also provides you with a backlink report of competitors. It is very easy to use and also comes with a free version.

The free version has some limitations but its premium version is also affordable.


Are you fed up with pinning your Pinterest pins manually? Then Tailwind is your tool.

Tailwind makes pinning much easier.

Tailwind is a perfect tool to schedule Pinterest pins, it helps you a lot and saves your time by automating everything.

Tailwind tribe is another great feature that helps you increase your traffic and your Pinterest follower.

Tailwind comes with a 30 day free trial with no credit card and payment details


We all know that Uber Suggest and Google keyword planner are free tools available to do any type of keyword research but they are not accurate compared to paid keyword research tools like KWfinder.

If you are serious about growing your blog organically then you should have the right tools for keyword research and for that purpose, KWfinder does a really good job.

If you want to try it then it gives you 5 free searches every 24 hours.

Also, if you want more you can easily upgrade to an affordable premium version.


Do you want to create stunning funnels and sales pages? then Kartra will help you. Using Kartra you can create great sales pages for your products or affiliate products and promote them.

It comes with pre-designed templates so you don’t have to do manual work, it is as easy as drag and drop.

Kartra comes with an email marketing feature that allows you to capture emails and create amazing email templates, series, and much more.

So whether you want to create a sales page, Dropshipping website, or DropServicing website, Kartra will be a good choice for you.


If you own a small business or run a small organization you will need to send out proposals, manage your invoices and taxes.

Freshbooks is an accounting tool that allows you to manage all of these things easily.

• Create and send out business proposals.

• Record all your payments, taxes, and expenses.

• Track your records and download everything.

• Create invoices for freelance clients.

It is the best tool for small and independent business owners.


DMCA is a protection that protects the content of your website from being copied by other bloggers.

If you do not want your content to be used by any other blogger then DMCA is the right service for you.

If DMCA is enabled on your site, you can easily take down copied content from the internet with just a few clicks.


Quora is a website that lets you answer and ask questions that you find relevant. It can be used to increase traffic and get ideas for blog posts. You can create a profile in Quora and answer questions related to your blog niche. People will start following you when the content is good, and you can use this website to bring more traffic to your blog.


Enter a title or URL in the BuzzSumo search box, and you’ll find more information on the content that works better to share on social media. BuzzSumo can be very helpful in evaluating an existing idea to get the perfect angle or to take a closer look at well-crafted content (and the blogs that do best) in your niche.

Portent Title Maker

 Enter a topic in the Portent tool, and you will find a sample blog post title, filled with useful and clever clues as to why the article can make a good read. Refresh to get new ideas.

Blog Topics Generator

The HubSpot title maker works the same as Portent. In the HubSpot tool, you can enter three keywords, and HubSpot will provide you with five titles about a week of content to work with.

Google Trends

Is your blog post idea popular? You can run a topic with Google Trends to see the search volume for different keywords and phrases you plan to use.

Keyword Tool is an alternative to Google’s Keyword Planner. This tool returns up to 750 suggestions for every keyword you enter.

If you got some more tool suggestions? Don’t forget to mention them in the comment section below. I’ll be happy to include them on this list.

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